my homely homey

We recently moved into a wittle bitty apartment to begin our saving journey to buy a wonderful fixer-upper of our own! In the meantime, I keep myself busy making simple improvements to make this temporary location a comfy home!

I painted, hung curtains, added a plank mantle above the fireplace, added some decor, and we’re feeling cozy indeed! Please note my “cuddles + snuggles” basket, which features a lovely crocheted afghan from my mommy, and a snuggie, of course! This is essential in our house, cause I’m a wuss and get cold easily. Also note the 2 pieces of rabbit fur we found in a weird lady’s indoor garage sale about a year ago, my sweet zebra-print coasters, and my dried flowers from my wedding.


Now I’m onto a new project of solving a convenience issue in our household. We honestly hardly ever used our dining room table for anything but paper storage. So I decided to make our dining room more of an office area for us. While at the all-wonderful Goodwill, I happened upon this quirky table. It was on casters and had an ugly puke-green table cloth stapled on top. I was indeed intrigued. The frame was nice, solid wood, but beneath the table cloth, I discovered the table top was particle board. Blarg! No worries…Lindsey to the rescue! I brought that beauty home for all of $18. I freshly painted the base white, and made a new table top out of wooden planks. I left the casters on it, because now it’ll be my moveable desk, drafting board, and most importantly, my puzzle table! Now I can wheel it into the living room to be a bit social while I’m working on my many time-consuming projects. And if we by some fluke want to eat like normal people, it’s as easy as wheeling it off of the wall and putting our chairs around it! I’m planning on staining the top and placing a clear desk mat on top for a completely smooth surface.table table2