drafting here and there.

So, secret’s out…I’ve gone back to school! I completed 2 years of architecture school before I moved to Jacksonville, and recently I’ve really wanted to complete that degree. However, there is no local school to do that.

After much consideration, I landed on the decision to complete a degree in interior design. So there you have it. I’m designing, drafting here and there, and loving it! I forgot how much I loved it! Here is a sampling of one of my projects. I’ll continue to post more from that part of my life as it comes.

This floor plan was a design for a repurposed firehouse into a community center for children after school.

comm. center FLR

map the world.

For my wedding invites, I decided to put my own fun spin on it, and paint a map of the important area locations.

I used marker and watercolor. I made a high-quality scan of it and printed out maps for each invite.

Here’s that original map:


A few months later, when my church was moving into our new building, they asked me to make a similar-styled map to give to each of our congregants.

Here’s that original map:

welcome home map