strannngg [art]

“Give me a ‘B‘!”

“You got your ‘B‘, you got your ‘B‘!”

I’m a married lass now, so I thought I’d embrace my new last name on a whole new level–I branded our wall! This was all done for a whopping $1.98 for 2 boxes of nails. Granted I already had the string in my handy dandy craft box, but geeze this was a budget-friendly project!

I started by sketching my design on the wall with pencil. This allowed for tweaking of the design, and getting it to the size and position I wanted it. I followed that with nailing around the perimeter keeping each nail about 1″ apart. Then I strannngged it up with cross-stiching thread I had on hand. And voila!

Here’s my hipster instagram picture I posted.

string art

A full view (it ended up being about 2.5′ H & 4.5′ W):

string art 3

A fun angle!:

string art 2



For an upcoming branding project at my church, we decided to try to play with new and interesting mediums…salt.

I built this very simple light table from some scrap wood and plexiglass, threw some basic table salt on it, and used weird objects as “my tools” and just experimented with different textures. For the final branding, we will use different types of salt, and possibly colors. We’ll see!

Here’s the light table:

salt 4

We put a light underneath it and with all the lights off, it made some pretty sweet textures. What do you think?

salt 3 salt 2 salt 1