my homely homey

We recently moved into a wittle bitty apartment to begin our saving journey to buy a wonderful fixer-upper of our own! In the meantime, I keep myself busy making simple improvements to make this temporary location a comfy home!

I painted, hung curtains, added a plank mantle above the fireplace, added some decor, and we’re feeling cozy indeed! Please note my “cuddles + snuggles” basket, which features a lovely crocheted afghan from my mommy, and a snuggie, of course! This is essential in our house, cause I’m a wuss and get cold easily. Also note the 2 pieces of rabbit fur we found in a weird lady’s indoor garage sale about a year ago, my sweet zebra-print coasters, and my dried flowers from my wedding.


Now I’m onto a new project of solving a convenience issue in our household. We honestly hardly ever used our dining room table for anything but paper storage. So I decided to make our dining room more of an office area for us. While at the all-wonderful Goodwill, I happened upon this quirky table. It was on casters and had an ugly puke-green table cloth stapled on top. I was indeed intrigued. The frame was nice, solid wood, but beneath the table cloth, I discovered the table top was particle board. Blarg! No worries…Lindsey to the rescue! I brought that beauty home for all of $18. I freshly painted the base white, and made a new table top out of wooden planks. I left the casters on it, because now it’ll be my moveable desk, drafting board, and most importantly, my puzzle table! Now I can wheel it into the living room to be a bit social while I’m working on my many time-consuming projects. And if we by some fluke want to eat like normal people, it’s as easy as wheeling it off of the wall and putting our chairs around it! I’m planning on staining the top and placing a clear desk mat on top for a completely smooth surface.table table2

drafting here and there.

So, secret’s out…I’ve gone back to school! I completed 2 years of architecture school before I moved to Jacksonville, and recently I’ve really wanted to complete that degree. However, there is no local school to do that.

After much consideration, I landed on the decision to complete a degree in interior design. So there you have it. I’m designing, drafting here and there, and loving it! I forgot how much I loved it! Here is a sampling of one of my projects. I’ll continue to post more from that part of my life as it comes.

This floor plan was a design for a repurposed firehouse into a community center for children after school.

comm. center FLR

strannngg [art]

“Give me a ‘B‘!”

“You got your ‘B‘, you got your ‘B‘!”

I’m a married lass now, so I thought I’d embrace my new last name on a whole new level–I branded our wall! This was all done for a whopping $1.98 for 2 boxes of nails. Granted I already had the string in my handy dandy craft box, but geeze this was a budget-friendly project!

I started by sketching my design on the wall with pencil. This allowed for tweaking of the design, and getting it to the size and position I wanted it. I followed that with nailing around the perimeter keeping each nail about 1″ apart. Then I strannngged it up with cross-stiching thread I had on hand. And voila!

Here’s my hipster instagram picture I posted.

string art

A full view (it ended up being about 2.5′ H & 4.5′ W):

string art 3

A fun angle!:

string art 2


checkers + dots

Ok, ok. I am the worst at completing music I’ve started. Partly because of the perfectionist side of me, and partly because sometimes I feel completely inadequate in the recording process.

Well, I know I’ve said this before, but for realssss this time. I am going to finish my first album this year. I’ve got the material, I just need to bunker down and complete it.

In effort to hurdle my first obstacle, the need for perfection…here is a incredibly rough tracking of one of the songs that will go on the album. Check it out & soon a good recording will follow.

I am lyricist first and foremost, so here are the lyrics for your reading pleasure!

Click here: Checkers + Dots (rough demo)

//Checkers + Dots// (c)Lindsey Brenner 2010

These seams seem to me
To be breaking me
With the stitching
You’ve been bewitching
Binding me, tying me
To the dreams that just don’t belong to me

Like a boy’s patch, attached
Expect and ask
The patterns of this world
Checkers and dots
Squiggles and crisscross

These seams seem to me
To be breaking me
With the stitching
You’ve been bewitching
Binding me, tying me
To the dreams that just don’t belong to me

Like a maiden’s corset, molded
Expect and mask
The textures of the time
Velvet and silk
Leather and wooden


‘Tis the season for sugar, spice, and everything nice! Girls are gracing the scene all around me, so for two special wee ones, I built them their very own mobile. For my sweet niece Courtney, I made a lavender one, and for my friend’s little Lyla, I made a reddish-pink one. I used a cross-stiching hoop (14″-16″ in diameter) for the top, then used thin fishing line to thread and attach the strands of butterflies to the mobile. Along the stranding process, I threaded appropriately-colored Swarovski crystal beads on either sides of the butterflies (they acted like sort-of stoppers). The butterflies were made from a thick white card stock that had a gold sheen to it, found at Michaels. On, I found a big butterfly hole-puncher and used that to made the ga-jillion butterflies.

This isn’t the best picture, but you get the idea!:

butterfly mobile

[recycled] Christmas!

I love Christmas! And for our first Christmas as husband and wife, we went and picked out a real tree together. That’s the best way to go; I love the fresh Christmas tree smell.

Here’s my brown & teal inspired tree at night:

christmas tree '12

I decided to make a burlap tree skirt from leftover burlap from our wedding. I basically hot glued strips of burlap around a cheap Dollar Store tree skirt. It was literally $1 to make it. Then, for presents, I used leftover encyclopedia pages from our wedding as well. So indeed, it was a [recycled] Christmas!

tree skirt


And lastly, for a prop in our Christmas services this year at church, I sewed this old-fashioned stocking cap.

I found a tutorial online and updated it to fit our needs. Loved it!

christmas stocking hat

Night of Thanksgiving

This year my church decided to do a Thanksgiving outreach for the community where we invited families to a special catered Thanksgiving dinner at our church. We had hostesses, waiters and waitresses, a live play and entertainment, and special decor. They decided on a Wizard of Oz theme, so me and a few of the girls went to work planning on decor. We had a very limited budget, but I was very happy with our outcome!

Basic supplies were a ton of recycled glass bottle of all sizes, spray paint, and a ton of glitter! Check these out…

Our ‘Dorothy Tables’ [we glitttered the red apples, and put them in a pale.]

N.O.Thanks - dorothy

The ‘Wicked Witch Tables’ [spray-painted and glittered a wine bottle, made a hot from glittery felt paper, and added the lime green ribbon.]

N.O.Thanks - wicked witch

The ‘Scarecrow Table’ [we put wheat in various glass bottles, and added some burlap and twine.]N.O.Thanks - scarecrow

The ‘Tinman Table’ [we used clear small solo cups, spray-painted and glittered them, and glued on small felt hearts]N.O.Thanks - tinman

The ‘Godd Witch Table’ [we spray-painted and glittered these glass bottles, use glittery foam paper to cut out stars, and glue them to short dowel rods]N.O.Thanks - good witch

The ‘Emerald City Tables’ [this one was our favorite, and so simple! we spray-painted and glittered these various glass bottles, and put silky yellow fabric beneath it as the yellow-brick road.]

N.O.Thanks - emerald city

It was a huge success & was loving are super simple and super cute decor!

map the world.

For my wedding invites, I decided to put my own fun spin on it, and paint a map of the important area locations.

I used marker and watercolor. I made a high-quality scan of it and printed out maps for each invite.

Here’s that original map:


A few months later, when my church was moving into our new building, they asked me to make a similar-styled map to give to each of our congregants.

Here’s that original map:

welcome home map