strannngg [art]

“Give me a ‘B‘!”

“You got your ‘B‘, you got your ‘B‘!”

I’m a married lass now, so I thought I’d embrace my new last name on a whole new level–I branded our wall! This was all done for a whopping $1.98 for 2 boxes of nails. Granted I already had the string in my handy dandy craft box, but geeze this was a budget-friendly project!

I started by sketching my design on the wall with pencil. This allowed for tweaking of the design, and getting it to the size and position I wanted it. I followed that with nailing around the perimeter keeping each nail about 1″ apart. Then I strannngged it up with cross-stiching thread I had on hand. And voila!

Here’s my hipster instagram picture I posted.

string art

A full view (it ended up being about 2.5′ H & 4.5′ W):

string art 3

A fun angle!:

string art 2