Night of Thanksgiving

This year my church decided to do a Thanksgiving outreach for the community where we invited families to a special catered Thanksgiving dinner at our church. We had hostesses, waiters and waitresses, a live play and entertainment, and special decor. They decided on a Wizard of Oz theme, so me and a few of the girls went to work planning on decor. We had a very limited budget, but I was very happy with our outcome!

Basic supplies were a ton of recycled glass bottle of all sizes, spray paint, and a ton of glitter! Check these out…

Our ‘Dorothy Tables’ [we glitttered the red apples, and put them in a pale.]

N.O.Thanks - dorothy

The ‘Wicked Witch Tables’ [spray-painted and glittered a wine bottle, made a hot from glittery felt paper, and added the lime green ribbon.]

N.O.Thanks - wicked witch

The ‘Scarecrow Table’ [we put wheat in various glass bottles, and added some burlap and twine.]N.O.Thanks - scarecrow

The ‘Tinman Table’ [we used clear small solo cups, spray-painted and glittered them, and glued on small felt hearts]N.O.Thanks - tinman

The ‘Godd Witch Table’ [we spray-painted and glittered these glass bottles, use glittery foam paper to cut out stars, and glue them to short dowel rods]N.O.Thanks - good witch

The ‘Emerald City Tables’ [this one was our favorite, and so simple! we spray-painted and glittered these various glass bottles, and put silky yellow fabric beneath it as the yellow-brick road.]

N.O.Thanks - emerald city

It was a huge success & was loving are super simple and super cute decor!


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